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Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 543 - 25th August 2016

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Sirasa Tv Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 543 - 25th August 2016

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Sarika does not need to study. He says Sarika and Romi can work together for Rohit’s future. She explains him that she can’t manage things at home alone, who will see Ishita, Rohit and household. He says he will see and sits to have food. She wishes Raman stops Sarika from taking admission. Adi talks to his school friends. Vinni talks to Adi, and a girl tells Adi that when new baby came my mum did not treat me well. Adi cries and says my Ishi Maa will also change.

Sarika thanks Ishita after taking admission. Ishita says you don’t need to thank me for anything, we will go to Adi’s school and make him have chaat. Raman calls Ishita. Ishita says you came home, fine we will come. She asks Sarika not to tell anyone about Ashok. Sarika says fine, but you did right today.

Adi gets bullied by his friends. They say he would need to clean baby’s potty to get pocket money and tease Adi more. Vinni supports Adi. Adi gets angry on the kids and Ishita stops him from raising hand. The teacher comes and asks what was going on here. Adi says it was small fight. The teacher asks them to pack bags and leave. Ishita says we will go home now, Sarika has come along. Adi asks them to go, he will come home himself. He goes. Ishita says whats his problem. Sarika says maybe he got embarrassed, we should give him some time, we shall leave.

Raman waits for Ishita at home. Manoj calls Raman and asks for Ishita. He asks can I talk to her. Raman says she went out. Manoj says limit her travel. Raman asks Manoj to come for dinner and talk to Amma and Mrs. Bhalla to make them take better care of Ishita. Manoj agrees. Shagun comes to thank Manoj. Manoj says its okay, I told you can share anything, we are flat mates, if not friends. She says to our friendship… and gives him a bouquet. She asks how is Ishita. He says she is fine, and asks her whats her relation with Ishita. Shagun says I m indebted to her. She gets a call and goes.

Raman asks Ishita why is she upset. Sarika is about to say. Ishita says I will say, its good news, Sarika got admission. Raman asks Sarika to study well. Sarika tells Mrs. Bhalla that she will manage Rohit and work and go to study. Raman says we will manage Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take rest. Sarika says Adi will come after football classes, Ruhi is at Iyer house. She takes Rohit and goes. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita is matured, but Sarika … if she studies more than Romi, things can get worse, I have to be careful about this.

Adi and Vinni have a talk after school. She asks him not to be angry for football class. He says he won’t go. He sits there and says he loves Ishi Maa a lot, the family loves him a lot, he likes to stay with them, but when new baby comes, will she love and care for me as now, if she does not have time for me, then…. Vinni’s driver comes. Vinni asks Adi shall I drop you home. He says I will go myself. She asks him to promise he will go home on time and leaves.

Bala and Romi bring their children out in park. The ladies like the babies and ask Bala is it his baby. Bala says no, I m unmarried, its my neighbor’s child. The girl gets impressed by him. Romi asks Bala about this lie, is Shitija not his baby, is he single…. You are really great. Bala says what are you saying, I did not see any other girl. Romi says every man has a monkey in himself who wants to jump, he stops by some stone of fear. Bala says nothing like that. Romi asks why did he lie. Bala says I just said, we will go, else wives will beat us. He asks Romi not to tell this to Raman and Ishita. Romi agrees and they leave.

Ishita talks to her staff and worries for the work. She tells Raman that something is wrong with Mr Batra, there is no appointment. Raman says thanks Dr Batra, maybe he came to know you are fake dentist, you don’t know anything. She says she will see him after baby comes. She goes to have food.

Shagun comes to a cafe and orders her regular stuff. The man says sorry, that was last cupcake which that boy took. She turns and sees Adi there. Shagun meets Adi and asks what is he doing here alone. Adi says when new baby comes, everyone loves him right… She asks why is he asking this. He says Ishi Maa is going to have baby. She says wow, everyone would be happy, and you? She is your Ishi Maa, her love for you will not increase, love gets high on sharing, a mum’s heart has equal place for every child, I promise Ishita will love you more after the baby comes. She says I will tell Ishita to give you attention, else she can’t have baby. Adi asks did I ask you to tell this, Ishi Maa is happy. She says fine, let new baby come. He says yes. She says finish this cupcake, everyone will be worried at home, I will drop you.

Abhishek tells Sarika about raksha bandhan and asks what gifts she want. She asks for books, as her classes are starting. Mrs Bhalla invites Abhishek for lunch tomorrow and asks Sarika how will she go. Ishita says let her go, I will manage with Nilu. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Raman asks Abhishek to have food and go. Abhishek says I have work and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla will be glad knowing Ishita’s news, when will Manoj come. Raman says he will come. They talk about Adi. Raman worries that Adi did not come and calls driver. He says its not reachable, I will go and see. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi will come. Ishita thinks Adi was worried, and hopes he is fine. Shagun drops Adi home and asks him to take care. Raman comes there and gets annoyed seeing Shagun.

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